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How 2 Grad Students are Disrupting the Contractors Insurance Industry.

Sunday, 24th December 2017

Mountain View, California - New contractors pay 2 to 3 times more for liability insurance, but Jones is changing that.

Are you overpaying for Contractors Insurance? If you’re reading this, chances are you searched for Affordable Contractors Insurance on Google expecting an easy solution, but instead, found yourself gazing slack-jawed at prices of $3,000 - $7,000 per year.

For a long time, there was no easy way to get affordable liability insurance for new businesses. When your client required insurance in your contract, suddenly you were racing against the clock to buy a policy, just so you didn’t lose the job.

But, if you’re a new business, how can you justify $5,000 per year when you’re not always working on a project?

Now, all that is changing. Thanks to a new startup, Jones InsuranceJones Insurance, you can obtain insurance and pay as you go, saving up to 70% on your liability insurance. Rather than an expensive yearly policy, you can get a pay-as-you-go policy for ad low as $1.99/day. Jones InsuranceJones Insurance is not an insurer, but an independent brokerage that works with a handful of insurance carriers to offer this policy on-demand.

What exactly do you need to do? It’s simple. Just pay-as-you-go.

Follow These Quick Steps To Save Money With Jones:

  1. Enter your zip code.
  2. Answer 3 simple questions about your business.
  3. View quote and put money back in your pocket!

It’s really no wonder that with so many contractors saving money, Jones is gaining momentum. Jones gives independent contractors the lowest rates with A-rated carriers you can trust. Just imagine what you could do with the money you save!

Over 90% of all business in the US have fewer than 100 employees. These companies have consistently played a major role in the country’s overall economic growth. It’s time to make it simpler to run these small businesses, and that means that liability insurance needs to be rebooted.

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